Disc Golf

Bayview’s newest business adventure includes the addition of an 18 hole disc golf course.  Disc golf is the fastest growing sport in North America offering a sport played very similar to golf except for your ball is a frisbee and your target is a net.    Disc golf not only has a lower carbon footprint than traditional golf but it’s easy, fun and affordable.

We welcome new and experienced disc golfers to give our dynamic course designed by Phil Jamieson and Andrew Bopp a try.  Is it our goal to develop a professional worthy course at the same time as keeping the course exciting and payable to the average disc golfer.   We welcome feedback on the course.  

Bayview has also partnered with the Thunder Bay Disc Golf Association to run weekly league night from May 31st – September 30th, 2017. League nights run every Wednesday evening at Birch Point Park starting 6:30pm and every Sunday afternoon at Bayview starting at 2:00pm. The league costs $40.00 a season and scores will be posted on the Bayview League page.

Course Rules

  • Adhere to C.P.G.A. & P.D.G.A. rules.
  • Help new players learn the rules. 
  • Allow players to play through.
  • Groups no larger than 5 players.
  • Remain quiet and still while others are swinging/throwing.
  • Stand behind the player who is swinging/throwing until play is complete.
  • Place trash in the proper receptacles (this includes cigarette butts).
  • Do not alter the course (trees, bushes, etc.) in any way.
  • Respect your environment, be aware of all golfers and animals before you play.
  • Disc Golfers: The road and golf greens are O.B. (+1 penalty).
  • No carts on the greens.